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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The Show
The Actors
Welcome to the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Fan Site!!!! Here, You can find links to websites about the show, actors, tips, hints, & cheats for the games, and other stuff about forensics in general.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tidbits
  • The main title theme is rom an episode called 932 Fairenheit
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Dark Motives  tidbits:
    • The first movie in Case #4 is from the episode called Blood Lust in season 3
    • The main menu theme is from episode called Blood Lust from season 3

    More as it comes!

    The CSI crew:
    • Gil Grissom
    • Greg Sanders
    • Cathrine Willows
    • Sara Sidle
    • Nick Stokes
    • Jim Brass
    • Warrick Brown

    This site is frequently updated. I apoligize for the little amounts of content on this site. I also apoligize for the mess that is on this page and not the other ones I messed up the html code by toying around with some html gear and will try to fix is asap. ;)

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