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Welcome to the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Fan Site!!!! Here, You can find links to websites about the show, actors, tips, hints, & cheats for the games, and other stuff about forensics in general.

CSI Stars End Up in a Mess of Confusion
     CSI Stars Jorja Fox and George Ead ended up fired in July due to confusion when their alarm clocks didn't go off and they were late. It was originally thought that the stars wanted the money they had asked for shortly before the incident. Everything was sorted out ant the stars will keep their roles as Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes in the Fifth Seaon of CSI hopefully this kind of misunderstanding won't happen again.

CSI: Moves Into Season Five!!!!
     This September the CBS hit show CSI will be moving into it's FIFTH season! With a few bumps and unexpected events with the staff the transition into it's fifth season should go smoothly, we hope. Prepare for the season premiere we've all been wating for.

This site is frequently updated. I apoligize for the little amounts of content on this site. ;)

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